Sugarcane loader is a kind of loader used for sugar cane industry.

In some places, from sugarcane harvesting, transportation to sugar factory, all the loading and unloading process are finished by manua. For one truck of sugarcane, it takes 4 people to complete it in 3 hours. The work is not  intensive, but also low efficienct. In the process of sugarcane harvesting and transportation, although mechanical equipment is used for loading and unloading in some places. However, when in use, the equipment should be installed above the transportation vehicle to work, and the sugarcane needs to be placed next to the vehicle. It is a semi-manual operation, and it also has the defects of high work intensity and low efficiency.

To improve the sugarcane loading and unloading efficiency, KEENGUARD sugarcane loader can help. The loading and unloading are mechanization. This greatly reduce labor intensity and loading costs, improves the loading time.