Keenguard Equipment Co., Ltd self-loading concrete mixer can be used both as a mixer, a loader and a mixing truck.

The mobile self loading machine is with accurate loader weighing system.  And it is with 270° horizontal rotating discharging function.

Precision weighing function ensures the concrete at high quality to be used for any kinds of construction project.

Rotating drum of the self loader can freely discharge concrete to the place required. It greatly saves labor force and work time of concrete distribution. The mixing drum of self loader machine keeps stiring and agitating the concrete; while transportation likes a mixing truck, to prevent segregation or condensation of the concrete.

All function can be finished within the cab by the driver. It provides good and convenient work condition for the operator.

self-loading concrete mixer small and flexible truck body is helpful to be driven in all kinds of uneven roads. No matter for city construction, rural area road and house construction, tunnel or underground parking lot construction, dam or irrigation canal construction, or other constructions, the self loader can help with good and convenient performance.

There are mobile self loader machine with different productivity for choice.