Loader-digger is also called backhoe loader or loader-excavator. It combines the loading function of the loader and the digging function of the excavator. One machine can be used for both loading and digging operations, which saves cost for project. Loader-digger can also be equipped with hydraulic hammers, hydraulic rams and other accessories to achieve other demand. 

This loader part is used to pick up and carry a large amount of loose material. In addition, you can also use it to push the soil like a plow, or to level the ground.

The excavator part is used to dig dense hard materials (usually soil), or to lift heavy objects.

The funciton of loader-digger: small size, sturdy and durable, convenient and simple operation, free walking, high production efficiency, continuous and non-intermittent operation, safe and environmentally friendly.

Safe operation
Before excavating the loader-digger, fix the mouth and outriggers of the loading bucket with the ground; keep the front and rear wheels slightly off the ground; and keep the level of the fuselage to improve the stability of the machine.

Before digging, turn the loading bucket over so that the mouth of the bucket is facing the ground, and the front wheel is slightly off the ground; step on and lock the brake pedal, and then extend the outrigger to keep the rear wheel off the ground and maintain a horizontal position.

During operation, the control handle should be stable and not move sharply; when the boom is lowered, it should not be braked halfway.

During driving or operation, it is strictly forbidden to ride or stand on any part of the backhoe loader except outside the cab.