Mobile Electric Small Concrete Pump

KEENDEC Electric Small Concrete Pump can be used to convey motar or concrete. Productivity is from 20m3 to 80m3 per hour.

Parameters of Electric Small Concrete Pump

electric concrete pump parameter

Introduction of electric small concrete pump:

Concrete pump with electric motor is more easy to move compared with diesel concrete pump as the lighter weight and smaller size.

The beton pump price is cheaper than diesel one.

It is often used with concrete mixer, concrete batcing plant, self loading concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck to supply concrete for construction projects.

It can’t be used in the  As the small portable concrete pump can be towed by a trailer, it is called concrete trailer pump as well.

Generally 100m conveying pipelines and installation tools will be equipped with the pumping machine. 

Mobile electric small concrete trailer pump features

Main oil pump of concrete pump machine is Kawasaki or Rexroth, with high quality and low defective rate. 

Adopting full hydraulic commutation, the commutation is stable and reliable, and the impact is small.

The pump concrete by mobile concrete pump is not easy to segregate, which guarantees the concrete quality better and meets the requirements of engineering construction.

Operator operates the beton trailer pump through the remote control or control box, it is easy to operate and improves the construction safety.