KEENDEC Diesel Concrete Mixing Pump combines concrete mixer with concrete pump, achieving feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping in one machine. Concrete can be mixed and pumped to any place required.

Tyres are used to move the whole machine easily. Diesel engine solves the electricity prolem. As its small occupied area and multi-function, the mixer pumping machine is good for small construction project especially for small civil buildings, rural roads, water conservancy projects, etc. It’s a good choice of small construction company or contractor.

All operation can be finished on a control box. Lifting hopper loads the cement, aggregates to the mixer; after mixing well, reverse rotate the drum mixer, the concrete will be discharged to the pump; concrete pump conveys the concrete to the place through pipes.  It is easy to operate and greatly saves labor force and improves the whole construction work efficiency. The pumping height of diesel concrete mixer pump can reach over 10 floors high, and 200meters long.

The mixing quality by diesel concrete mixing pump is good, concrete slump range is 160-250.

Main oil pump of mixer pump is Kawasaki or Rexroth, with high quality and low defective rate. Other brands are available for choice.

Adopting advanced S-valve commutation, the concrete mixer pump machine is with good sealing, high conveying pressure and high pumping height.

Drum concrete mixer is more popularly matched with trailer pump. Productivity reaches 30m3 to 40m3 per hour, enough for the small house or road project demand.